Alarm Monitoring

From $20/month

To be effective, monitoring consists of four stages:

  1. A system, such as an alarm, sending signals to notify that something is happening
  2. A monitoring apparatus, such as a mobile phone or monitoring station, to receive the signal
  3. A list of instructions to be acted upon in the event of a signal being received
  4. Attendance to your home by yourself or a security guard

Why monitor your alarm?

Having your alarm monitored to a monitoring station or your mobile phone is the best option because it means that you, or a person nominated by you, is immediately aware that your alarm has been activated and a response can be made.

Standalone (unmonitored) systems rely upon the fact someone may be around to hear your alarm and be prepared to put themselves at risk by responding. Alarms are often ignored.

Maxima Systems recommends monitored alarms so that, in the event of an activation, you can be assured that action will be taken.

Monitoring Options

  • Communication to your mobile using direct “alarm talk” – Not recommended
  • Communication to your mobile via “voice dialer” – Minimum recommendation
  • Communication to a monitoring station who will follow response instructions from the client – Recommended

Monitoring to cell phone would be our minimum recommendation. The disadvantages to this option are that your battery could be flat, you are out of range or you’ve left your cell phone at home. You will be unaware that there has been an activation and no one will respond.

Maxima Systems recommends that, to best protect your home and maximize your security investment, your alarm should be monitored by a professional monitoring company. If your alarm is connected to a monitoring station, this will be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by trained, professional staff whose sole job is to respond quickly to alarm activations and then follow instructions agreed to with you, the client.

We can arrange monitoring from $20+GST per month – without a contract.

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